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Innovate Craft will support you to practice latest skills analyze project ideas make prototype find product fit connect mentors get project sponsors

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Innovate Craft is conceptualized with a mission to promote outcome-based learning for students which will include learning by making market-ready projects and developing deeper understanding of the subject specifically in students own interest area. Primary objective of this initiative is to make their learning experience joyful while keeping the greater emphasis on developing skilled and job ready engineers in ALL the technical domains.



We are committed to provide personalized mentoring to fulfil your Aspirations.


All possible support will be provided to help you make a purposeful career choise.


Innovative makers and real problem solvers will be provided with sufficient Financial Assistance.


State of the Art prototying tolls will be available at our center to help you make your dream product.


Learn industry-standard management, strategy and innovative process improvement techniqes to help yourself meet your goals.


Assistance to find product fit and necessary marketing and building Go-To-Market Strategies.